our standardsfor your protection

We will not leave until the job is done. If we bill you for two hours, we will stay for two hours. If you are satisfied with the job prior to that, let us know and we will leave.
One thing that has seriously soured the service industry is over charging. We believe that you should only pay for that which you receive. We charge a two hour minimum to accomodate for fuel and other incidentals. There will be no variable charges on your bill. Everything will be understood going in.
We guarantee our work for 30 calendar days on the same issue.
There is nothing worse in the service industry than having something "fixed" only to have it broken again the next day or shortly thereafter. We promise to "re-fix" what we should have gotten right the first time for the first 30 calendar days at no additional charge.

As a caveat to the above, we will offer two return trips at no charge. To accomodate further issues, we also offer a remote support option. This means we will be able to fix your computer without having to come to your home. This will allow you your freedom of scheduling without having to wait at home for what could potentially be hours to have your computer fixed when we all know you have better and more important things to do.

This is our commitment to you and we will uphold these standards at all costs.